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ChemAxon Node for KNIME JChem Extension_update_en

Update JChemExtensions including Marvin Family Nodes

  How to get
   [1] Before you get our program
   [2] Update Procedure
   [3] Proxy Setting Procedure

  System requirement

How to get

  [1] Before you get our program
    It is necessary to get the license file to run JChemExtensions program
    (Marvin Family Nodes is included). Please send your information to us.
   We will send the evaluation license by return.

    To: sales@chemaxon.com (ChemAxon Sales Team)
    Subject: [Req] Evaluation license for JChemExtensions

    【Necessary information for Evaluation license】
    1. First Name/ Last Name
    2. Name of Company or Organization
    3. E-mail address

   -If your information is not enough, we may not generate "evaluation license". Please confirm it again before
    sending e-mail.
   -If you have any questions, please contact to us.

  [2] Update Procedure

   ※Please refer [Proxy setting procedure] before getting program,when you connect to the network proxy.
   1. Start KNIME.
   2. Choose Menu bar "Help" -> "Install New Software"
   3. Click "Add..."
   4. Enter the next URL to "Location:", then "OK".
    URL (KNIME 3.6): https://www.infocom-science.jp/knime/update/3.6
          URL (KNIME 4.0): https://www.infocom-science.jp/knime/update/4.0

   5."JChemExtensions Update-site" will be displayed in the list.
   6.Choose "JChemExtensions Feature". And Click "Next >" button.

   7.Click "Next >" button.

   8.End user license agreement is shown, after agree it, click "Finish". Then start downloading.
   9.If Security Warning is shown, click "OK".
   10.If you finish downloading restart KNIME.

  [3] Proxy setting procedure

   1. Start KNIME
   2. Choose Menu bar, "File" -> "Preferences"
   3. Choose "General" ->"Network Connections"
   4. Setting "Manual proxy configurations"

System Requirement
    ● KNIME 3.6.0 or later
    ● ChemAxon's License and products